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Boot to UEFI firmware, choose your boot drive, select "Boot from an ESP" option, a menu should appear. You can then select a bootable ESP to load. Boot to Bootstrap, select your boot drive, the "System Settings" screen should appear. You should be able to select the ESP to load Boot to Bootstrap menu, select your boot drive, the "Options" screen should appear. You can then select an ESP to load. Boot to ESP, select your ESP, the "System Settings" screen should appear. You should be able to select the ESP to load Boot to ESP, select your ESP, the "About System" screen should appear. Flash LED, select your boot drive, the "Flash LED" screen should appear. You can select the LED to flash. Network Configuration Tool is a set of programs created to assist users, such as the ones who use a cellular card for internet access and wireless connections. The feature-packed utilities, including a network analyzer, diagnostic tools, a protocol analyzer, and traceroute, are aimed at individuals who want to improve their knowledge on how their computer network is connected. With the simple to use interface and wide range of options, it is no surprise that this utility has gained a large number of fans among users and IT professionals around the globe. Settings includes three levels of functionality. The first one is classic network settings, for defining the scope of activity, such as the default gateway, default DNS server or wireless access point. Next, you can define the target network interface, which determines the physical network device to which these settings will apply. The third level lets you define the options to be applied to the network settings. Other than its simple interface, Network Configuration Tool is excellent thanks to the advanced features it includes. The program allows setting firewall and security options, which have become a serious concern for all network users. With it, you can define the network access policy and set a time interval for each user or a single user. The Settings window also comes with an option to track bandwidth usage by users. The traffic logger option not only includes traffic monitoring, but also includes the option to create an HTML report; this can then be sent to a file to be viewed later. For your convenience, the software includes several templates to help you configure the access policy and security settings. Among them are the Administrative, Proxy settings and Settings for