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Welcome Manni Barz to Real Hulk Records

Real Hulk Records Signs up and coming Dallas Artist Manni Barz

Zady Zeli also known as Manni Barz is a native of Ivory Coast, West Africa. He started doing music at the age of eight years old. The people that inspired and motivated Manni to do music are two Christian artists by the name of Toby Mac and NF. Their music really interested and inspired Manni to do what he is doing today.

Dallas A&R Charles "Charlie C" Green found and worked with Manni Barz before the label signed him. Manni has alot of energy and is an amazing performer. He will fit in nicely with the Real Hulk Records Family. So, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to Real Hulk Records newest artist Manni Barz.

Follow Manni on Instagram @dareelbarz

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