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"The Audition" Coming to "RTN"- RHE Tv Network

A New Competition Show for Independent Music Artist!!

A new Tv show called the "The Audition" will be filming on Nov. 29th 2020 in Atlanta Ga. This is a show where artists of all genres will be coming to audition in front of a panel of judges for different prizes thru out the season... Each Audition is for opportunities in the industry to bolster the artist career. Singers, Rappers, Groups, Duos, Bands are all welcome.

Spoiler Alert: the first prize of the season is a chance to open up for the R&B Legend Tank. So artists bring you A-game. If you are interested in being on the show, there is an audition fee and a waiver to be signed as this will be aired on RTN. please email the network at Get your spot now.....

The show will air sometime in or around Jan 2021 on RTN. This show is brought to you by Real Hulk Records and Sponsored by the Konvo and Next to Rise. Artists Good Luck!!

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