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"The 64" Tv Show only on RTN (RHE Tv Network)

Season Premieres on September 30, 2020

If you haven't yet, Do it Now..... Make sure you download RTN - RHE Tv Network...

You can Find the channel On Roku Tvs and Roku Devices as well as Amazon Fire Tvs and Firesticks. By the show debut RTN hopes to be on Apple Tv as Well as Android Tv. Also located in The Google Play Store. Not yet in the Apple App Store as app is under development.

RTN and Next To Rise Tv has partnered up to bring you a Slate of new fall musical shows. The 64 Tv Show is the preview you just watch, and will be judged by celebrity judges.

Song VS Song is where artist go head to head performing there songs live in front of judges to there is only 1 Artist standing. The Audition is an audition style competition where the best artists are selected after the live auditions and then given tasks to complete to compete for the grand price. The Cypher is a show that will have cypher teams go head to head in competition against each other for Cash and Prizes. The Video Corner will be a top 10 countdown of Indie Artist Music Videos of the week, with artist interviews and Hip-H

op News.

Real Hulk Records is pleased to also be partnered in this endeavor, as we will be providing some of the show theme songs and as well as bringing you these shows. Produced by Next To Rise Tv, Brought to You by Real Hulk Records and Airing Exclusively on RTN.

Here are some links and ways to search the for the channel.

Roku - Search - RTN - RHE Tv Nework

Amazon Fire Tv - Search - RHE Tv Network

Google Play - Search - RTN - RHE Tv Network

RTN Logo (RHE Tv Network)

The 64 is now accepting submissions for Season 2, please email

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