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The School of ClassActs Tour is in Session

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

RHE & Real Hulk Records Recording Artist / Actor Daveed Ramsay Headlines:

"The School of ClassActs Tour" Sponsored by Real Hulk Records...

With 4 cities already announced, & their may be as many as 2 more added, this tour will hit both the West Coast in cities like Los Angeles & Las Vegas and the East Coast in cities like Orlando & Miami. Daveed is best known for his role in Get Rich or Die Tryin with 50cent, but has been in a host of other things: Ugly Betty, Sopranos, a commercial with Lebron James and a movie that on HBO right now called Cost of a Soul to name a few. Just appearing on and WinDc Radio for interviews, he is promoting the tour that starts on Aug 29th in Vegas. (Tour Slots Available) text 215-554-2345 to reserve ya slot or book online

The School of ClassAct Tour ft Daveed Ramsay

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