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Real Hulk Records Welcomes Jay Solstice to the Family

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A local music artist signs and becomes the newest member of the ever-growing family of Real Hulk Records.. Joshua "Jay Solstice" Evans, is a Camden, NJ- based recording artist. Recently featured on HotNewHipHop and Revolt TV, Jay has always been inspired by sounds and artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Tory Lanez, and Jhene Aiko. Jay shows how adaptable he is in showing many different styles while using his pinpoint lyricism in order to give insight into his views as well as bestowing words of wisdom and advice to those in need. In 2013, he released his first mixtape project called Chrysanthemum Throne under his former name J-Dice. In 2015 Jay released his second project called "Seasons" under, his now current name, "Jay Solstice  Throughout the years, Jay Solstice has performed in many different venues and tour events in the Greater Philadelphia Area as well as Long Island, NY. While working on his sound, he was inspired to open a local home studio business in the City of Camden and has helped start the careers of many young artists who are flourishing in the local area. His talent even extends overseas. For example, Jay has teamed with artists in the United Kingdom, Germany, and even Canada, while growing up, Japan has always due to his novice conversational skills in Japanese. He has gained attention and praise from a variety of YouTube sensations for his covers and remixes. Jay Solstice has also worked with such as Mir Fontane, Ish Williams, and many other artists

Earlier this year, Jay Solstice released his new visual "RICURA" which is the first single off of “CARMINA” as well as his “SIMPLE” visual following the release of his previous mixtape project Seasons. Ricura, directed and shot by Cole Eckerle gives creative and HD visuals to match his agile and aggressive flow while "Simple" gives the audience clean-cut visuals of the City of Camden provided by Videographer Bob Sweeney along with intricate instrumentation by Joseph L' Entranger of Toronto, Canada. Combined with Jay Solstice's slick lyricism and raspy vocals, "Ricura” and “Simple” was made to captivate viewers with its simplicity and unique naturalness.

Now making his home at Real Hulk Records and looking to take his career to the next level, Jay joins forces with other talented artists on the roster such as Daveed Ramsay, Nbt Milly, and Telli Stonemen to name a few. Look out for Jay's first release with Real Hulk Records to be epic... Coming Soon!!!

Sony Hulk Records Recording Artist Jay Solstice

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