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"Real Hulk Lands new A&R" Shotta Bwoy (Jerk Off) wow!

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Real Hulk Ent. / Real Hulk Lands Super A&R and Producer Shotta Bwoy to head up its A&R Department as well As head of Production

Shotta Bwoy who is the Executive Senior V.P A&R / Universal Music Group / Concore Entertainment Universal Music Group / Concore Entertainment / Tranzformaz Music Group ( Intl ) will take on another challenge.. this time with an indie label. Powerhouse Producer and A&R will have the difficult task of trying to break new artists on a national scale without the Major Label budget. He Joins Real Hulk Entertainment / Real Hulk with some momentum.. and a roster full to talent. 2019 will be an interesting ride with him leading the way along with Ceo Bruce Banners.

I am the Greatest Producer and A&R Alive. I can spot talent and Produce talent with my eyes closed. Lol. I am also a vocal producer and singer songwriter. I develop artist, ( teach them how to sing in the proper key and project each song to its greatest potential. I focus on the artist image and their brand. From Sound to Looks to their character to The perception of how the public views you. I Teach Rappers how to deliver a song properly from ( Verses to Stage ). I also screenwrite television & movie scripts with my partner senedia@Golden Heart Productions..” Shotta Bwoy

Shotta will also be head of production Los Angles. RHE / Sony Hulk Artists that Record on the west coast will have to submit all final song approvals to him before they can be released. Very Good Hire for the major Indie label.

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