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Rock The Party Weekend 4/9 - 4/11

Attn Independent Artist and Music Lovers.. this is for you

We Have a fun filled weekend of events, something for everyone who wants to be out in this nice weather. Starting Friday 4/9/2021 With Legendary Nights.....

An unplugged event with a band.. come out and watch some great talent put on a show for you and be part of the audience as this will air live on RTN available on Roku TVs and Devices. $20.00 to enter, show starts at 9pm.

Saturday 4/10/21 @2pm: Begins the Rock the Party weekend for Independent Artists. We will be doing interviews and live performances on the Rock the Party Weekend Tv Series. All Artists who want to do the Tv show will need to arrive at 2pm as it airs at 3pm live on Tv. This show will be hosted by our upcoming hosts for the "The Countdown" Daveed Ramsay from Get Rich or Die Trying, The Sopranos and Ugly Betty & Telli Stonemen who worked with people like Gillie Da Kid, Akon Son and Producer Wavy and Grammy winning producer King James Worthy.

Here is the info for this event:

1. You will be interviewed by the hosts, then you perform one song on TV and in front of a live audience 2. When you get to the studio ask for Bruce to check-in 3. Important to email your music to, please try not to be late 4. Please try to bring people so we can have a good studio audience 5. Studio Charges Everyone $20.00 To Get In.

6. If you know anyone with a Roku device they can watch for free on RTN. If you need help finding the station please text 267-694-5951

Saturday 4/10 @8pm: The fun continues with The Cypher Challenge Also airing live on Tv @9pm.

1. We need all Rappers and singers to put a 16 bar verse on the 2 cypher beats we sent (if you haven't signed up yet. please send request for the beat 2. You will be going up against another artist one on one and you only get one turn so please practice

3. Studio Charges Everyone $20.00 to come inside.

4. When you get to the studio ask for Bruce to find what time you go on stage

5. The best 6 artists will come back next month to go up against the Baltimore Cypher Team for the trophy

6. If you know any with a Roku TV or device they can watch it live as it happens at 9 pm on RTN if you need help finding the network text 267-694-5951

Sunday April 11th @9pm: We close out the weekend with An Artist Showcase Competition.

The best 10 artists will win a slot on the Source Weekend Host By Benzino this will be on TV.

Here is all the info you need for the show.

1. Judges for the show will be Label A&R's 2. The show is being recorded 3. All artists get a 10 min set to perform in the contest 4. Please email your music to the DJ, or bring usb 5. Door open at 8pm so please be on time 6. All Ages welcome, again please bring people we need a good audience 7. There's no dress' code 8. If you know any with a Ruko TV they can watch it live as it happens at 10 pm on RTN Networks if you need help finding the network text 267-694-5951 9. Please try to bring people always a great show when we got a good crowd 10. When you get to the venue ask for Bruce to check in and find out when you go on stage, 11. You can use anything in your performance, dancers, hype man, DJ, props, instruments, 12. You can use Industry Beats, a Band, guitar, keyboard, and you can also sing an original song 13. Venue Charges Everyone $20.00 to enter.

Slots still available so act fast the weekend will be here before you know it.

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