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Real Hulk Records Supports The Social Justice Movement

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We need meaningful National Police Reform across the county (Interview with Bruce Banner)

Black Lives Matter in front of City Hall(Philadelphia Pa)

"Real Hulk Records supports Black Lives Matter and all the people that are in the fight for Social Injustice Reform" was a direct quote from Ceo Bruce Banner when we had the chance to asked him a few questions on what's going on in America today. He started off with sending out his condolences to the George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks families, wishing them to stay strong and find peace and justice in the times to come ahead.

We asked his thoughts of all the protests that's happening all around the world. He answered "I think it's amazing how the world has come together to support something that is so just and right. It's time that we stop the systematically killing of black people by police. Not only the men but the women too. You have to understand what these protesters are risking to stand up, and get out there to protest and march, Literally their life. What more could you asked for so i am humble and thankful by and to all of them".

We asked him as a Minority Business Owner (Ceo of Real Hulk Entertainment LLC, President of Real Hulk Records and owner of J & T Studios Beauty Salon) has he ever had any encounters with racism in the business world? He told us stories about having to deal with bankers who didn't want to lend to the company because it was minority owned or landlords who didn't want a Black Owned Business and all of the things they think that might come with it. Them we asked him did he ever experience racism in his everyday life? He answered "Many times unfortunately. In many different forms.. I remember I went to buy a car at a Chevrolet dealership, and i was determined to leave of that lot with a car that day. I was already Pre Approved from my Credit Union so it was just a matter of picking a car. So i found the vehicle that i wanted and proceeded inside to get a sales rep. I had to wait my turn i was so excited. As i'm waiting a white couple walks in and the sales rep greats them and says he will be right with them. I'm confused at this point I was next. When the sales associated walked back i said to him i'm next sir, he says im helping them but maybe that sales rep over there (who was walking in the dealership at that very moment) could help me. He was referring to a black associate. To make a long story short the black associated ended getting the commission and the other associate customers left without purchasing".

We couldn't let him go without asking the burning question facing our nation, Should we Defund the Police? "I think that we over equip our police force and under equip our communities. If transferring some of the police budget and putting the money into programs to help citizens for our inner city neighborhoods i'm all for it. We need police but we don't need a police brutality. We need a combination of Legislation, Police Reform and Investment in community programs that will allow to make police presence less necessary.

We would like to thank Ceo Bruce Banner for his time and participation in this article. In closing i would like to say on behalf of Real Hulk Records: We are proud to be a Black Owned Business, we stand with all our brothers and sisters in this fight and we will see you over the victory lap.

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