Jay Solstice Set to Release his 1st single with Real Hulk Records

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

"Shellz" By Jay Solstice

Jay Solstice is set to release his 1st single solo project with his new label Real Hulk Records (formally Sony Hulk Records), same label different name. "Shellz" is scheduled to be released on 5/31/2020 as the 1st single. This is not his first project with the label as he is featured on label mate Daveed Ramsay "I Love Em Ratchet" single. Sony Hullk Radio listeners will get to hear "Shellz" first since they are exclusively the only station that will have the song to play before the official release. Also you can purchase it early exlusively on Jay Artist Page

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Real Hulk Records is a New and Innovative Music Label. Based out of Philadelphia, We are looking for new and undiscovered talents. The type of artists who are looking to take their career to the next level with hard work and dedication.  Whether you are looking for management which is provided thru RHE or a label, Real Hulk Records we provide both services. We are now a major force, that will be heard from.

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