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Daveed Ramsay New Song and Video "Crash" out Now!!!!

Catch a sneak preview of the new video "Night Sky" by Telli Stonemen only on RTN - RHE Tv Network

Daveed Ramsay - "Crash"

Real Hulk Records artist Daveed Ramsay releases his new single "Crash" on his sub-label "School of Class Acts" with Real Hulk Records soon to release the video on Tidal, Apple Music/iTunes, VeVo and more.. The music video is on Worldwide Television on RTN in the Hip-Hop Video section and is currently on YouTube. Daveed has several videos on the network. The song is available on all major platforms, make sure you go check this song out. Daveed has a Ep coming soon and more videos to go with it. Also he is one half of the of the dynamic duo host of the new show "The Countdown" coming in July 2021.

Telli Stonemen - "Night Sky"

Real Hulk Records artist Telli Stonemen has a big summer planned and a lot in the works. She will be on tour, hosting a tv and staring in one. With the sneak peak of her new music video "Night Sky" only on RTN - RHE Tv Network that marks the official start of her summer which is beginning in spring. The song and Video will be official released at a later date.. so check it out while you can.. Telli will be the other dynamic duo host for the Countdown.. and kicking off her tour Memorial day weekend in South Carolina with tour companion KS from M2P Records and performing at the Roscoe Dash Party in Atl. (Tour dates and locations to be released soon). The Tour will not only be a tour but filmed for tv.. so stay tuned and watch her work..

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