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Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Real Hulk Records is starting a Covid-19 / Coronavirs Relief Fund

Its been 2 months since our company has been able to earn an income but we still want to help the people that has been most effected by the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic. We are partnering up with the Salvation Army to be able to reach the most people in this time of crisis. With your help we can make a difference. From now to June 30th we will be donating a portion of all proceeds from sales from our website to go towards this relief, and another portion to go towards our employees since we have still not received the Payroll Protection Program loan from the government.

We also have a donation button on each page of our website to make it easy if you just want to support and directly donate, this method every dollar goes into the relief fund.

In these times we as a community must come together and support one another. So I ask you to please support and that can come in many ways.. 1. by donating or purchasing an item on our website. 2. by sharing this post with others, by posting links on your social media back to our Relief Fundraiser, or 3. just by telling people by word of mouth.

We thank you in advance for all and anything you can do in efforts to join us in this fight against the virus that is killing to many of our brother and sisters and leaving to many families hungry. God Bless ... Real Hulk Records

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