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Catch us in Cali

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Real Hulk Ent. Headlines Show in L.A. California

Real Hulk will have its 1st Headlining show in Los Angeles on March 2, 2019, @XIII Social Club Bar. Some of the Headlining acts will go as Follows... Telli Stonemen with her hit single "Go Hard"ft Gillie Da Kid, Religion Da God and his charting "Keep it 100"Ft Eness, Nbt Milly with his Smash single Rackz with over 1.3 million plays on Soundcloud Go and tens of thousands on the other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, Tidal and so on. Daveed Ramsay a new addition to the Real Hulk family. but looking to light up the stage in a town he once called home. Shizzo part of RHE family this lyrical rapper with killing you with the style of his flow and the words from his mouth. Last but not least is 23 Twentythree and he is the next coming of Cali's own 2Pac. With his lyrical delivery, there is no mistaking that this young artist was influenced by the legend. 23 song "Blusion" has a west coast vibe to it that I think the crowd will like in California.

In Addition to the Concert Portion. There will be an Artist Showcase. You Can Register at the door, or sign up in advance. It's $25 to enter and free to perform. You get a 4 min set. If you bring 10 people to the show you will get a 10 min set or you can pay 100.00 for a 10 min set. The competition is open to Rappers, Singers, Groups, Duos, Bands with a Lead singer or singers in any genre of music. The winner of the Showcase will get an all Expense Paid trip to open for Siya in Washington DC. The bonus is that this is a label event. there will be A&Rs in the building watching the talent so come out with your a game... Good Luck and See You in Cali.

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