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6 Releases in 60 Days

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

RHE next 6 releases between 11/27 to 1/27

Real Hulk Entertainment plans to release 6 singles in 60 days from 11/27/18 to 1/27/19.

Real Hulk Plans to release 4 songs on 11/27... 1 song each for a different artist on the label. Starting with Religion Da God follow up sing Keep it 100 which ft Eness from Diddy Badboy and Making of the Band. With his debut single.. is Nbt Milly with Don't Worry... Debuting her first single Telli Stonemen has Philly Rap Legend Gillie Da Kid.. on the her track "Go Hard." 23 Twentythree Reveals His first solo work with Busion... Available on all major platforms on 11/27/18

Turning right Around on his Bday to release his follow up single is Nbt Milly with Rackz. Going live on all platforms on 12/21/18 and the sixth song released by 1/27/19 will be Slave Minded by NoPhilter Pop, which will also be his first release as a solo artist.

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