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14 Days (2 weeks) Til the Premiere of "The 64" on RTN

The Debut of the Fall line up on Shows for RTN - RHE Tv Network

RTN - RHE Tv Network on Roku

Make sure you are all Ready, Set, Go when it comes to being ready for the premiere of our fall lineup. The 64 debuts on 9/30 on RTN. You will be able to watch either on Roku Tvs or Devices or on Amazon Fire Tvs and Firestick. Down Below we explain how to watch:


If you have a Roku Tv, a Roku Stick or Device - Go to your search and type in RTN it will bring up a few stations the one you are looking will say RTN - RHE Tv Network.. with the above logo displayed. Or you can click this Link.. log into your Roku account and download it that way also.

Amazon Fire Tv

If you have a Amazon Fire Tv or Firestick - Go to your channel search and type in RHE Tv Network.. it should bring up the channel with the logo down below..

RHE Tv Network on Amazon Fire Tv

Both of these options are Free.. RTN is working hard to make the channel also available on Apple Tv and Android Tv by the premiere. If you still need help downloading or finding the channel please email

Dont Miss the Season Premiere of "The 64" only on

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